Fashion pick: camouflage yourself

I predict that the updated camouflage pattern will become a fashion statement. However, not in its traditional army look, but either in new colours like pink, purple or orange (photo from the latest collection of Yang Zhou Dong Xin Textile Co., Ltd, at http://www.made-in-china.com search with camouflage), or, in traditional camouflage colours but with a pattern that on the second look reveals itself as FLORAL camouflage.
Camouflage pattern is old news on fabric, but look out for camo on laptops, mobile phones, tote bags, hats and caps...

Odd Chinese colours?

I was all the more suprised to find those 'odd' Shanghai Tang colours combined into a single silk spread and cushion in Artistic palace, who sell the 'traditional' Chinese products. So, are these traditional Chinese colours after all? At least the paper bag of Artistic palace was Chinese-looking, in safe (=black) and stylish colouring...

Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang, the 'Made by Chinese', owned by Swiss, Hong Kongese lifestyle brand uses colourful interiors in its new shops (photo from Beijing), making the old flagship store in Pedder Building in Hong Kong look somewhat scruffy.
I hear the mainland Chinese find these strong colours 'odd', but Western tourists (myself included) shop along happily. So is this what us Westeners think the Chinese colours are?


Orange, the new Red?

The China Red of good luck and warding off evil seems to be 'the colour' you need to have in your collection if you want to be successful in China.

Recently, however, Orange has become another colour which shares similar meanings of happiness.

Photo Hong Kong Oct. 2008 (No, it is not upside down. Go, figure:))

Mothers and daughters...

Mom is dressed like a little girl in her Red 'hop scotch skirt', and the little girl is dressed up in a formal, business like Black blazer, even though she is sitting in her girly Pink stroller.

Hong Kong Oct. 2008

Suzhou romance

Suzhou gardens are famous for their good feng shui. Sites like this attract butterflies and loving couples.

Wedding couples

Chinese brides want to wear both the traditional red Qipao and the western white wedding gown. They often have their portraits taken outside, here at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and at the campus park in Wuhan Normal University.

Charming luck

Black business suit and a traditional Chinese lucky charm seem to make a good combination.

Hong Kong Oct. 2008